Celastrus paniculatus is a woody vine that bears fruits.  The fruit that grows on these plants contain seeds that are very useful and beneficial in Ayurveda medicine. This plant is commonly known as the "intellect tree," and is widely used for both sharpening the mental focus as well as relaxing the nerves. It is even considered by a lot of people that it is a lot more effective memory supplements than that of the famous ginkgo biloba herb.


The seeds of this Celastrus paniculatus are being used for the purpose of alleviating cognitive issues as well as promote good intestinal health. Its seeds are also being made into oil which is being used by some for massage. The oil is known for its benefit to alleviate inflammation of the skin and it also contains a mild sedative effect. Just click here for more facts.


There are also some studies conducted on rats by which it proved the seeds of Celastrus paniculatus to be effective in the reduction of cholesterol in unhealthy rats.


There are animal evidences that suggest Celastrus paniculatus is able to protect the brain and even improve the cognitive function; however a single dose supplementation has been proven ineffective. It has been proven that the effect will become stronger over a period of two weeks of supplementation.


With this, it is safe to assume that Celastrus paniculatus is a promising supplement especially for the neurological and the intestinal health. However, it is strongly recommended that more research has to be done before it can be widely recommended for supplementation. Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin.


The benefits you can get from Celastrus paniculatus


It has been said that Celastrus paniculatus is a brain tonic. It is known for its production of light, refreshing bursts of energy for the mental health if consumed. It is capable of creating a feeling of heightened concentration and alert thoughts. It may be taken as an effective and potent stimulant that will definitely make your schoolwork or other related tasks a lot easier to focus upon as well as complete.



One very unique benefit that you can get from Celastrus paniculatus is the effect it has on dreams. Majority of the users are reporting immediate increase in terms of the vividness of their dreams and a sporadic ability for them to exert conscious control of their dreams, also known as lucid dreaming. Actually, this plant has been marketed for this specific purpose. You should also know that it is sometimes used as an aphrodisiac. You may click here to get started.